Creating/Recording a Request


Adding a new Request

  • Click the + button in the bottom right most corner.
  • Either select Request to manually setup a request or Record to just enter a USSD code and start recording and edit after.
  • Groups allow you to group similar requests together.
  • Whilst Import allows you to select requests from a file to import into the current group.


Creating a Request Step

  • Enter a USSD code in the request target field or
  • You can select a different request type depending on your needs
  • Click save when done


Of course we need your Permission

  • This screen will be shown if you do not have some permissions and settings enabled
  • For the accessibility permission you may need to setup according to dontkillmyapp.com for some devices


Recording Your Steps

  • After everything is setup correctly the recording starts
  • You can minimise or move this small window and respond to USSD dialogs
  • When done click on stop then close the window to have your steps saved


Everything Setup

  • Once you are done recording or took the manual way you can click save or save and run to instantly test out the new request
  • You can also edit your request steps and swith between types or add more complicated combinations
  • The + button allows you to manually add request steps
  • Some fields can be left blank for entering during run time such as pin, contact or account numbers
  • You can provide a request label to easily identify it amongst others


Running Requests

  • Click the run button to have the application execute your request.
  • If there are fields missing you will be prompted to fill them out when appropriate and required and they are never saved.
  • Each response received will be shown and saved so you can easily retrace the applications steps at any time.

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