Request Steps

The application contains a number of request step building blocks. These can be combined in any order with only the exception that the first should be able to initiate a request sequence.



  • Allows one to dial USSD codes
  • Will need either one of the request steps below to do further processing on the response


USSD Response

  • Responds to the USSD dialog if part of the response matches what is expected
  • Request Message can be left blank to be filled just before execution


USSD Prompt

  • Allows you to enter pin numbers or other private details you do not want saved in the application
  • The input is done during execution
  • After you click send or similar on the USSD dialog normal execution will resume
  • Will only allow you to enter your input if the response matches what is expected


USSD Message

  • This just clicks cancel or ok on a USSD dialog allowing you to save the last message
  • Will only save if the response matches what is expected


SMS Message

  • Allows you to send SMS messages
  • Can be setup in settings to trigger the next request either when the SMS is sent or when it is delivered


SMS Response

  • Will wait for an SMS with expected number and message



  • Will terminate the whole request sequence if the response or a message you send matches the expected text
  • Usually used in combination with the decision request step if one has to skip some requests or just cancel the whole request sequence



  • Allows skipping request steps if the response received or the message you send matches the expected text
  • This can be useful if expected text can not be excatly matched and may require different course of actions



  • Allows the repetition of request sequences from specified request step.
  • This will allow you to repeat entire request sequences

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